I would enjoy some statistics on the subject if some that were unbiased existed. Blue collars are the people you depend on. I make better money than most of my peers wearing ties and suits to work.

Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. When you consider a job, or need to articulate an idea to others, or when you examine ANY situation, you do so with more incite, etc.. But at the same time, women who are that caught up on your career may not be the type of women you really want in your life.

Skip to main content. Aside from that anyone today can sit down and click dating uk themselves advanced calculus, physics, chemistry and advanced design and be anyone they want to be regardless of shirt color thanks to the Internet. I don't like it here honestly, I'm planning to move to the south, maybe Texas to open my business. Try to encourage women to get to know you as a person, and not make assumptions about you. I really like it, it pays the bills, and I get to have list off advantages you like. Many people in his union went to college and did not like the business world, it is boring. Women, like men, use shortcuts to more quickly decide who to give their attention to. If you're a white collar mover and shaker, would you date -- for example -- a bus driver? If it does try explaining that to the numerous Wall Street traders that commit suicide every year. In fact, in almost every measurable way the white collar route proves the superior choice in life. White collar jobs are made synonymous to professionals who obtained higher degrees and education. But in all seriousness however, the offloading of blue collar jobs in North America to distant economies are ensuring that lower tiered white collar jobs are becoming the new blue collar. If you were worried some blue collar people may not know what it means, why not explain it in parentheses? Just display that you are intelligent and that you found working white collar not as compelling. They have a rudimentary vocabulary while the white collar professional have a more advanced vocabulary. And what makes your job so awesome sale's assosciate at forever 21? I skimmed through the rest of the comments beyond the first few so sorry if someone has already expressed the same sentiments but I just had to gleefully throw in my 2 cents! As long as you express that you're smart, I'd say you'd be fine. Obviously, they are less educated therefore they are less intelligent. I think you have made a personal attack on blue-collar workers which is a shame, because there is some merit to your argument that white-collar jobs are preferable to blue-collar jobs and I know blue-collar workers who would agree with that sentiment. I wonder how much all of you really make and some blue collar jobs require schooling. Don't lie about it. Their are less and less people going into the educated blue collar work force, which means if you have the skills you make huge money, blue collar vs white collar dating. Did you know that blue-collar workers are more likely to donate blood and be organ-donors? YES, the percentage of culturally leaning people amongst the white collars is higher. John, you sound pretty elitist. Striving for Avalon 1, posts, read 1, times Reputation: Sounds like a plus.

Groups of working individuals are typically classified based on the colors of their collars worn at work; these can commonly reflect one's occupation or sometimes gender. Blue-collar workers are referred to as such because in the early 20th century, they usually wore sturdy, inexpensive clothing that didn't show dirt easily, such as blue denim or cambric shirts.

Various other "collar" descriptions exist as well. The term "white-collar worker" was coined in the s by Upton Sinclairan American writer who referenced the word in connection to clerical, administrative and managerial functions during the s.

However, in certain developed countries like the United Statesthe United Kingdomand Canadaa person is assumed to be a white-collar worker when one engages in a highly professional and successful career or works in either an administrative or managerial role. A blue-collar worker is a member of the working class who performs manual work and either earns an hourly amanda and mccrae hook up on big brother or is paid piece rate for the amount of work done.

This term was first used in A pink-collar worker is also a member of the working class who performs in the blue collar vs white collar dating industry. They work in positions such as waitersretail clerkssalespersonsand many other positions involving online dating free email with people. The term was coined in the late s as a phrase to describe jobs that were typically held by women; now the meaning has changed to encompass all service jobs.

Some job categories involve duties that fall under one or more of the categories listed above, or none of the above. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Creative Compounding in English: Electronically indexed online document. White collar, usage 1, first example. Why do we call manual laborers blue collar?

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Their are less and less people going into the educated blue collar work force, which means if you have the skills you make huge money. Blue collar people are FAR more likely to be vulgar, one-dimensional, and complacent. Advertisements I don't think it matters what a person's job is, it's more about whether or not they are passionate about it It alls depends on your skills, though. Personally I think blue collar dudes are the best! Their priorities had shifted from douche copy paste dating message males who spent more time at the gym than at work, to those that would make good husbands, fathers, and yes, providers. This is one of those counter-intuitive jobs -- it sounds like menial work to the uninformed, but turns out to be a highly-skilled and well-paid job. Blue collars are the people you depend on. You can certainly do better in some blue collar jobs than many white collar jobs. You cannot change them and in my opinion, I would not want to change them. White collar work is every bit as difficult as manual labour. If anything I consider job titles like Welder, plumber and electricians to be pretty respectable job titles. Not to say that non-union workers are less intelligent, but we get more training as required by our union, and also through the apprenticeship program. It sounds less like your job is unattractive and more like you're not passionate about it. Unfortunately, not many of them produce their own food or know how to cook. I keep my subconcious behavior in check most of the time while, at the same time, I am constantly re-wiring my mind from blue collar thinking to a white collar outlook. The lady i seen there in the NYC is a lawyer and smart as all get out and it shows in her business. Anyone that despises people based on social class, education or income is prideful, arrogant and a fool. They really have no idea if you are the exception to the trend or not. He has single handedly proved my point. You are a parasite that knows only to take and not give. I have a college degree in fine arts and love to make things with my hands say sculpture, paintings, etc and as it is very hard to get a job and make a good living as an artist ie the starving artist I had to find something that fit my personality and my abilities. I don't need a man to take care of me financially. Is that, in fact, true? Most things produced by rich people are not truly needed to survive, blue collar vs white collar dating, live and be happy.