Shirley, that same man John Sterman played the same song to my mother he has been telling her this same crap for a year now and keeps telling her he has booked his flight to come be with her and then sends a text message saying he cannot leave the country because he owes his company money for room and board he is a real bottom feeder. Here is the Nigerian Scam in a nutshell. If women were so smart, they would do it themselves like men and save some money.

When he told me that his flight was delayed I checked his itinerary and there was no reservation on his and his daughters name. Oh yes, he said he was from Berlin but could tell me very little about the wall and when it came down. I desire to become a better person inside and out..

Hi Just got suspisious after he told me he had been mugged in Bangkok. My instructor teaches us super fast, to where it is overwhelming, and I try my best to jam it all in there. I delete about at least 10 fake Paypal, eBay and bank alerts a day, pharmacist dating a tech. I did some research online and found out you don't need to go to school or formal training depending on your state, …. The letter says the scammers are seeking an accomplice who will transfer the funds into their account for a cut of the total—usually around 30 percent. First alarm signal was for me when he said too fast to love me and wants to marry, always suspicious. I went along with him when he said he was in London on business, supposedly getting an inheritance of 1. My husband is military and when we moved overseas, I let my …. He kept begging me to try to borrow the money from family and friends. He thought that was good. After the day of the ceremony, he told me that they gave him a medal and he shared a photo of a bag full pharmacist dating a tech US money. I want you to know some few details about me. It went something like this: The test I took was the new test. Will be letting Yahoo personals know as well. His 8 year old daughter Brenda is there with him as well. Hi, I almost fell for a guy that named himself Frank Whitebell from Texas. I have never worked retail before and I am just curious what …. Right now he says he is in China for a few weeks and will be coming back to the states. If you fall prey to this online scam, you can say bye to your money and you will never see the product. He was stranded with cars impounded in customs. But I must tell you that I am looking dating your minister the right man that I am going to spend the rest of life with. Which ones are the most commonly used in …. First name or Handle. Are you kidding me — who leaves the country without knowing where you are going?! He wanted me to send him more money, when I refused he got very upset. Do you have to work in a pharmacy first to become a pharmacy technician? We laugh at your unbelievable gall and ignorance! I linked to your post in my article since you have more serious information about how to spot these guys. But I also know when to be soft and demure. Unfortunately, as online auctions sites have increased in popularity so have the online scams associated with auction sites. HAHA jokes on me! He gets you to believe he is a millionaire and starts havering issues with his business and needs help financially and says he will pay it back, but he has no intentions on paying anything back.

Volcano erupts on same Indonesian island as earlier quake Oct 3. Volcano erupts on same island as earlier quake. Russia a 'pariah state' over cyberattacks: Red tide is plaguing beaches on both of Florida's coasts.

Longtime Facebook exec Adam Mosseri new head of Instagram. Oykus dating Prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman dies at Russian spy agency accused of 'brazen' cybercrimes. Soyuz capsule carrying 3 crew land safely in Kazakhstan.

Russian envoy rejects reports of cybercrimes. Half of killer whale populations face toxic threat. Evidence of first moon orbiting a planet. Latest Technology Video 0: Microsoft announces new gadgets at Surface event. Microsoft to speed dating sevilla new line of tech products.

Checking out the latest bicycle gadgets. Tesla's Elon Musk tweets his way into fraud charges. Facebook introduces new virtual reality system. Google admits privacy mistakes. Lyft wants to pay users to give up their car. Hackers are trying to reroute your direct deposits. Instagram CEO, co-founder abruptly resign. Latest Technology Headlines Oct 4. Russian envoy rejects reports of cybercrimes A top Russian diplomat is warning the U. Mushroom extracts may help fight viruses that are killing populations The vegetative parts of mushrooms may hold the cure to viruses that kill bees.

Oregon vineyards face losses amid concerns about smoke taint Some Oregon lawmakers and winery owners are scrambling to help a dozen vineyard owners who face the prospect of tons of grapes withering on the vine New effort will analyze genes of endangered Northwest orcas A new scientific effort will sequence the genes of critically endangered orcas of the Pacific Northwest to potentially find ways to save them.

Musk takes swipe at SEC on heels of fraud settlement Tesla CEO Elon Musk is apparently taunting the government agency that accused him of duping investors just days after negotiating a settlement to keep No free lunch for renewables: More wind power would warm US A new study out of Harvard finds that ramping up wind power in America would also dial up the nation's temperatures. Red tide is plaguing beaches on both of Florida's coasts Many of Florida's famous beaches are empty because of a red tide outbreak on both the Gulf and Atlantic coasts.

Violinist, professor, pastor among 25 'genius grant' winners A violinist who organizes concerts for the homeless and a pastor who protests against voter suppression are among this year's MacArthur fellows and US military program could be pharmacist dating a tech as bioweapon The U.

Another rare fish pulled back from extinction Another rare Colorado River fish has been pulled back from the brink of extinction, the second comeback this year for a species unique to the Young Americans say online bullying a serious problem Teens and young adults say cyberbullying is a serious problem for people their age, pharmacist dating a tech, but most don't think they'll be the ones targeted for digital Russian intel agency GRU accused of 'brazen' cybercrimes Alleged targets the the chemical weapons watchdog and the MH17 investigation.

Bronze swords, other items found in plundered Greek cemetery Greece's culture ministry says archaeologists have found an undisturbed grave with pottery, weapons and jewelry at a heavily plundered cemetery that Soyuz capsule carrying 3 crew land safely in Kazakhstan A Russian space capsule with three astronauts onboard has safely landed in a barren steppe in Kazakhstan.

Russia cyberattacks actions of a 'pariah state' Britain's defense minister said NATO will expose Russian cyberattacks in future. Dutch defense minister accuses Russia of hacking attack on international chemical weapons watchdog. New Zealand fines travelers who won't unlock secure devices A civil liberties group condemned the policy as a grave invasion of privacy. Japan to revise northern Pacific sei whaling program Japan says it will revise one of its two major research whaling programs after an international organization said bringing home and selling sei whale Russian intelligence officers targeted files on MH17 plane crash investigation Dutch defense minister: Russian intelligence officers targeted files on MH17 plane crash investigation.

Dutch defense minister says Netherlands disrupted Russian hacking attack, expelled 4 Russian intelligence officers Dutch defense minister says Netherlands disrupted Russian hacking attack, expelled 4 Russian intelligence officers. Aid groups now using the same data technology as bitcoin The data technology that underpins virtual currencies like bitcoin is now also used to deliver aid more efficiently. Toyota, SoftBank setting up mobility services joint venture Online dating stranice, Japanese technology giant SoftBank to form joint venture for mobility services.

Chinese armed drones now flying across Mideast battlefields Middle Eastern countries locked out of buying U. Volcano erupts on same Indonesian island as earlier quake Mount Soputan in North Sulawesi province spewed ash 19, feet in the air.

Chemistry Nobel for using evolution to create new proteins The work of three scientists who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry has led to the development of medications, biofuels and a reduced environmental Nobel chemistry winner credits team at Caltech Nobel chemistry winner Frances Arnold is celebrating her prize with her students and fellow faculty members at the California Institute of Technology. Nobel Prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman dies at 96 Leon Lederman, an experimental physicist who won a Nobel Prize in physics for his work on subatomic particles and coined the phrase "God particle," Irish regulator opens Facebook data breach investigation Ireland's data regulator has launched an investigation of Facebook over a recent data breach that allowed hackers access to 50 million accounts.

Have astronomers found 1st moon outside our solar system? Astronomers may have found the 1st moon beyond our solar system. Emergency alert test sounds off on mobile phones nationwide Electronic devices across pharmacist dating a tech country have sounded off as the government conducts its first-ever national wireless emergency alert test. Wireless alert sounds across the US at 2: Irish regulator opens Facebook data breach investigation Irish regulator opens Facebook data breach investigation. GM, Honda team up to produce self-driving vehicles General Motors and Honda join in the race to develop self-driving vehicles.

Meet the farmers of the future: Robots Meet the farmers of the future: EU lawmakers want to cut car emissions by 40 percent by The European Parliament has voted to cut CO2 emissions from new cars by 40 percent by and will take this position into talks with the 28 EU Strange sights, sounds could herald California rocket return The Air Force is warning residents of California's central coast to be prepared for unusual sights and sounds this weekend as SpaceX attempts its General Motors will partner with Honda in the "large-scale" development of autonomous vehicles General Motors will partner with Honda in the "large-scale" development of autonomous vehicles.

Microsoft announces new gadgets at Surface event Microsoft announces new gadgets at Surface event The tech giant introduced its Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2, featuring a silent keyboard. Japanese spacecraft drops observation device onto asteroid A German-French observation device has safely landed on an asteroid after a Japanese spacecraft released it as part of a research effort that could Proposed rule change worries some about radiation regulation Experts worry EPA is planning changes in regulations that could lead to higher levels of radiation exposure.

Pictures of the year Jan 3. This Week in Pictures Winter brings beautiful scenes of snow and ice.

The English is fairly good but there are grammar errors and it looks like a cut and paste job. His phone number is and his email es DSON hotmail. They say there is scams in Nigeria with pay pal and he has paypal on the website. I knew from the beginning he was a scammer. I let him know the package had arrived, but damn, my printer had gone on the fritz and as soon as it was fixed I would print the documents and sent him his package. The joke was on him because I have no money to send. A person who is able to enjoy and share life with someone else. I like positive people and I try to surround myself with people who have an open mind. He pharmacist dating a tech that was good. Toyota, SoftBank setting up mobility services joint venture Toyota, Japanese technology giant SoftBank to form joint venture for mobility services. He only knew me less then a month and was falling in love with me. C technical college in Milwaukee for the Pharmacy Tech program and now wondering if my certificates are still good after five …. I am a newly hired tech in training …. Julie I would love to compare photos. It was the same kind of MO that has been listed by other people here. Why Dubai needs a global workforce. These online scammers are extremely difficult to trace, pharmacist dating a tech. Or, will one be provided by the Pearson-vue testing center? I did contact yahoo and reported his username and email addy. After several days of looking in Florida and not being able to find the Art he was supposed to be looking for he told me he was going to Dating kenyan ladies Africa to look because thats where they were supposed to have the art he was looking for. I will like to hook up sometimes but at the moment I am having a big problem Thats is making things hard for me dont know if you care to know what my problems are i am a very outgoing, open minded person. Playing with peoples hearts. I have some feelings that something might work out between us. She was gorgeous… But it was all fake… obviously the woman exists somewhere in the world, I just wish I knew where. His letters started out hi dear…. I kept asking him to come clean with me, but he never gave in. Working LTC vs retail pharmacy.