By your own words, this is simply rule by the stupid. Retrieved from " https: I have been waiting for a looooooooooooooooooooooong time for the collapse.

Willie Nelson age Stern announced on June 7, that the lawsuit settlement with CBS Radio finally gave Sirius the exclusive rights to his entire back catalog of broadcasts from WXRK, totalling almost 23, hours. But of course, within the context of industrialism and the Race Nation. Oh yes, and everybody were trying to expel me from discussion based on the fact that I am ethnical Russian, I mean Jew, I mean American.

America seems to be in the throws of a victim mentality hysteria. Jews, Catholics, and Muslims have lived together in peace and will again live together in peace. Follow WDW on Facebook. John, Many, many women are driven principally by emotion. I read this yesterday in my local paper from an article by Gene Lyons. Not the gal who said kill yt, New York Times bestseller Sister Souljah returns to the story of Midnight, a young Muslim man fighting the evils he faces in Brooklyn, in her third installment of this saga. I loved him in Gatsby despite what people say. I don't have to have tho She is the wife of radio personality Howard Stern. Stern landed his first professional radio job while at Boston Universityperforming on-air skits, news casting and production duties at WNTN in Newton, Massachusetts from August to December I have a Chinese neighbor, who I kid you not, cuts the grass of his front lawn with scissors and washes his car by hand twice a week. Moore not conceding Senate race to Jones — Yahoo! You can meet casual swingers. The other option, however is to go Ghetto, or Trump…no apology, but rather a vigorous denial in a very few words…and then howard stern dating history on the offense. The real threat is the palistination of California and certain parts of Texas that has been ongoing using weather warfare. The great irony is Tax Cuts for the Billionares and Corporations is not what most Trump voters voted for. I have been at the receiving end of his disdain for some typos although even our kind host has been known to make the odd typo and I have observed another commenter preemptively apologise UK spelling for a spelling mistake not yet even commented upon. I think he knew more was going to be coming down the pike. They have no depth. Stern one of the most deft and engrossing celebrity interviewers in the business and a sought-after stop for stars selling a movie or setting the record straight. It would save you a lot of embarrassment meetup boston speed dating the not-so-distant future. How do you do it stay so innocent and ignorant? It is certainly how the demonic sellout Queen Herself likes to operate at least when Arkancide is a not practical. Sam Kinison Died at 39 And geopolitical events, like major terrorist attacks, howard stern dating history, revolutions, wars, etc. With your selection, we can see that really have your thinking cap on there San Jose. Otherwise our justice system is supposed to work on the premise of innocent until proven guilty.

Now Live on Amazon. Clusterfuck Nation Now appearing Mondays and Fridays. You can see where this has been going.

The barely suppressed thought behind all trail a bike hook up is that Donald Trump raped America … and now he must be found guilty of online dating london ont and pay!

And the sneaky way he won! Stealing a few thousand votes here and there in deplorable flyover country, while Hillary slaughtered the Golem in the places that count: He also represents the widespread disappointment with the poor job that the remaining men in charge of things have done in recent decades caretaking this polity.

The agency begins to look like the brotherhood depicted on The Sopranos TV show some years back. If ever there was a display of feckless impotence, this is it.

The desperation to get rid of Trump by the Democratic Party and its handmaidens in the media has an odor of reckless dishonesty from a faction that succumbs more and more each day to the dangerous idea that the ends justify the means. Despite the momentary jubilation over the defeat of Roy Moore in the Alabama special election for senator, the party is close to committing suicide via the collective fantasy that all romantic gambits by men are always and everywhere a prelude to rape.

But then, the Republican Party ought to be on suicide watch, too, as it debates a stupendously mendacious tax reform bill that will only shove the country closer to financial meltdown. It will be interesting to see if the Blue ladies can work their sexual inquisition hoodoo successfully on Trump, howard stern dating history. So far, he seems like the proverbial immovable object, while the Blue ladies may only be an irresistible force in show business and the media, where mere accusation without due process avails to skewer their devils.

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This modern life of ours comes at a price. The bottom of this barrel was reached by the sacking of Garrison Keillor. He skulked away without a whimper, no doubt exhausted by the sheer stupidity of it all. How about those cryptos? I doubt JHK is the seer to inform us about their rise [and fall? As far as Garrison goes, he was a waste of tax payers money and last I checked, the gal running PBS was making half million a year.

The pussyhatters have set the bar. Any contact, even years ago, that upon reflection was not wanted, will buy a guy a place in the tumbrel.

Having sacrificed a few of their own, they now have established that allegations of assgrabbery are sufficient to demand the resignation of any man accused.

Where could this be going? Some in my circle honestly, furiously believe that Trump is literally a grabber of the puss. We have ample history of witch hunts, from which we might learn something. Heck, we have a phrase in our language: It has happened before, and in hindsight it always looks pretty fucking stupid. I guess it is merciful that we grow old and fade away. That feelings trump rational self interest is demonstrated daily.

We boomers have gnawed most of the corn off the cob, but there might be enough seed left to save something. We are a house divided against itself. Never had the doubt of them being capable handling any military task. Except their presence destroys morale. And they establish networks — a society within a society.

And when and where they attain power, they wreak revenge on the Not-Gays — up to and including rape. Joey, Yes, but who would have thought that this time it is the witches doing the hunting?

I hope the tide is turning. I read this yesterday in my local paper from an article by Gene Lyons. But I howard stern dating history if Franken will do it. I admit she may have had her charms thirty years ago of course. I can see some definite hotness there. The tide will turn; it always does. When this one turns, it could get pretty bad for the ladies. I think some women see this as a means for them to seize power.

Not sure if it will work out that way though. Any man today considering hiring a woman under age 70 has to wonder if the risk is worth it.

America seems to be in the throws of a victim mentality hysteria. After all, Hillary — one of the most powerful women in the world, who controls a fortune of over one billion dollars, and is married to the most popular ex-president alive, clearly considers herself to be a victim. Everyone will howard stern dating history a victim of adverse circumstances at some point in their life, howard stern dating history, but victim mentality, for an adult, is always a choice.

Al Franken should simply stand again in the special election. He added that a lack of backing from governments and central banks, as well as similar risks to gambling, are evidence that the cryptocurrency is not a secure investment.

The endless showers of printed money from various central banks have proven awfully effective at forestalling your hurricane so far! This time, it is going to be different — instead of further inflating dollar pyramide, there is going to be, God permit, the managed deflation of it.

What you are suggesting is quite close to the actual plan of the Evil Fuckers. As far as I can tell Facebook has become a cesspool of partisan politics of the worst kind. Democratic friends are posting petitions to convince Al Franken not to resign even though there is actual photographic evidence of his past misdeeds that he admitted to.

All the while they are lambasting Roy Moore and patting themselves on the back that he lost the Alabama election And what kind of white backward hicks would vote for such a man? Even though he has denied the questionable allegations against him that are just that — accusations, not a conviction.

All of this is communicated through nonsensical memes, of course, which have no basis in reality. One of the founders of Facebook recently came out claiming that he believes FB is destroying society as we know it. I have to agree with him. Moore grew up in Alabama of the 50s and 60s which might as well been Alabama of So he leaves that goes to West Point then Vietnam and comes back thinking nothing has changed and he was wrong.

He figured that out to some respect and then found one of age just past the extended adolescence brought about by modernity and he has been happy ever since. His online dating kinderwunsch on the other hand have paid the price for listening to the feminists. And you hate real men and by extension, all organic society and of course, your own history, nation, culture and of course, Race.

You would actually give back the Americas to the Indians. And of course, you think that Muslims taking over Europe is the height of virtue. The real point is sacrificing Whites to the Moloch of Marxist Morality. I think newworld needs to answer this one. And what was the price? It seemed pretty clear that he was not touching them. If he had been, would that not have woken her up? Was it in poor taste -YES. I think he knew more was going to be coming down the pike.

The biggest red flag though is that Franken admitted his guilt, while Moore has maintained his innocence, yet to liberals Moore is the evil one and somehow Franken should exonerated. The irony is that all the targets with ruined careers who may as well just put a gun to their heads and end it all now, are all anti-Trump. With the exception of Moore who is a caricature of the hated southern good old boy.

Going after that septuagenarian chunk of beef jerky requires no explanation. However perhaps the sophomoric motivations behind the national witch hunt break down if the intended target is not sufficiently anti-Trump in the general case. It is at times like these one can realize that a world run by blue haired women and men who do not know they are men would not be any better than what we have now.

As far as I can see, the results are the public pillorying of any possible man. Tavis, like Moore, is proclaiming his innocence. I had no idea so I read about it after you posted.

It sounds to me like he had affairs with some of his co-workers and now that is somehow being construed as sexual harassment. I just found out last night about Smiley while watching Tucker Carlson. Apparently Smiley is saying that whatever happened was all consensual.

And he seems to be fighting mad. By going after a powerful black man these current day Puritans may have gone too far. Racism has now come into play. I hope he does fight back. Otherwise our justice system is supposed to work on the premise of innocent until proven guilty. Our justice system has no provisions for separating a man from his job so there is no point in any of these accusations actually being brought into a court.

Statutes of limitations apply and trying to decide what laws are actually broken if any is a problem. Accusations which are made anonymously are double chicken-shit.

For me serious sexual crimes are serious while trivial sexual harassment is trivial and often exists only in a mind that has lost its sense of proportion. It is quite clear that this nation was not only founded as howard stern dating history explicitly European-American nation, as spelled out in our very first immigration laws, but also reflected a hierarchy wherein political power was tied to merit. Such brain dead knee-jerk illogic and simplicity is an insult to the human condition. One that bodes very ill indeed for Western Civilization and the White race long terms as they attain power over us? Is this lawyer out of her fucking mind? The rule of law is eroding in America, but is little evinced, if at all, in the foreign countries mentioned. Again, punctuation has a purpose, which is clarity of expression. Carmen Electra age Americans seem to suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Hysteria will burn itself out but it may be because so many men will be losing their jobs without the unnecessary informality of being accused of wanting the bigger crime to put, or having actually put their penis inside a woman forty years ago. It would just be unseemly to not swallow everything a woman says. The first part believed dating site knuz this is exactly what should be done in case it comes to an exchange of nuclear strikes. And he seems to be fighting mad. Your paranoid misogynist, racist, anti-Muslim, xenophobic post is fact-free, except for revealing what others are imagining, which you somehow seem to understand perfectly. The traditional rules pertaining to sex co-evolved with our people over thousands of years to compensate for our weaknesses, boost our strengths and most importantly support our civilization. Perhaps the Marines are right and there ARE only few good men. Sometimes, they're just being funny, or Howard's totally making fun of them or all of the above. My comments were initialed. She was being introduced to celebrity culture and treated to the inner echelons of professional sports franchise happenings. The target can not come down from above, we must find it on our own. Into this sort of confusing situation, add people in media and politics who are often earning millions of dollars based more on their connections than their skills, and whose caste position is conferred by wealth and pull rather than meritorious character.