I was at my Church more than I was at home. It has been my identity. Keep up the good work Reply.

And I read a lot of blogs hahah. We would not experience love at all if someone had not placed it within us. I know Christians who go about life with never a care.

Maintaining healthy boundaries seems to be a lost art these days, even among devout Christians. I was so scared, and I prayed and prayed for my full faith back. This is not a male thing as much as it is a woman thing. I have no fear in myself, because the present gives me enough evidence to not fear my future. We are still healing from it smart matchmaking 1yr. Feel free to email if you want to talk more. It sucks when you are in your mid 30s and still struggling with fundamental doubts. He is so defensive he would never give me a straight answer. And as someone who uses Facebook, I know this is easier said than done. I love him and would never imagine leaving him but it does get hard and reading all this makes me feel hopeful. It looks like it worked and I can contribute without my photo being out there for all to see. I learned only a few months ago that I do, and one form that OCD takes in some people is targeting your faith. Another this is behavior he would not tolerate from me. Jennifer on June 29, at 6: Which I know is stupid. I admire your flexibility and willingness to change your criteria. I can either choose to embrace it and support him or resent him and be miserable. May 28, at I have gone through this situation. In the beginning there was beginning.

Though I have a strong faith now, it was hard fought. I know first-hand how difficult times of doubt are and how complex the questions can be. So, when I receive these emails, I usually stare blankly at my screen wondering where to even begin with a response. I wanted to share them with you today. Feeling like there is no resolution can leave you depressed and even angry. If you can identify that core problem, it will help narrow your spiritual searching.

Collectively, those questions may seem too weighty to resolve. But at the root best dating slogans them all is often a nagging feeling that God must not really exist if He is so hard to understand. Once you are fully convicted of His existenceyou can come back to your questions with a fresh look that is focused on gaining understanding rather than on proving to yourself that God makes sense.

That can make all the difference in the world. Faith is often tough, and even the strongest Christians have unresolved questions about their beliefs. Radio host and author Dennis Prager once pointed out that unmet expectations are the source of all unhappiness.

This powerful insight has stuck with me ever since. Our expectations can be a serious problem when it comes to faith. Ask yourself these questions:. Truth is something you have to commit to seeking outside of yourself. The wonderful thing about Christianity is that its truth hinges on a single event: Push through the doubt and pray that He will guide you to the understanding you need. This is a really wonderful, easy to read book that I highly recommend to adults or teens struggling in this area.

You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and to know that you are the Holy One of God. Faith is not always easy, but no other worldview or belief system has ever presented itself as even remotely viable or reasonable to me. BUT, if youre dating someone and you get this phone call, yes, where else to go, nowhere! Can anyone help me out? Hi Hannah, thank you for posting something like this cause I feel like this too.

Whatever your going through have faith, because God will never leave you nor will he foresake you. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you feel better. I do not choose to believe in him because I wanted more than anything so why do I not believe in him. It took me almost two years to fully accept Christ as my savior. I just kept going to church and reading the Bible. I pray that you keep seeking Him. He loves you and you can go to him as you are. Listening to songs about Jesus also helps.

Seek and you will find. Knock and the door shall be opened. My question to you would be, are you counting the cost of following Christ. Every promise in the Bible is conditional. Even what I opened my comment with. We must seek him whole heartedly. He has given us His word, which is forever settled in heaven. He has given His life for our sins. What more can He give us? We have historical facts that prove he existed on the earth, year we still struggle.

Why do you think we struggle with faith? Because faith in God is worth fighting for. We have to step out in faith as a child, admit our imperfections and failure, and repent of our sins.

Salvation is conditional upon repentance. God does expect us to give up the things that hinder our walk with Him. Christ puts His spirit within us to combat the temptation to fall back into our own ways. Listen, bike speed dating sydney have all had doubts. No, he took Thomas hand in His and put his fingers in His scarred hands. That is a beautiful illustration of God helping one who wanted to believe to believe.

God is not slack concerning His promises. When my faith reached its lowest and som many things seemed to be called into question, I opened Gods word and the first scripture I came upon dissolved all doubt. If you seek Him, wholeheartedly, He will not let you down. If there is any sin you are holding onto, confess it to the Lord, lay it down at His feet, and ask for His help. This will open the door to Him being able to help you grow in the faith.

When them enemy hits you with doubt, ask God for help, go to His word. Lord I believe, Help my unbelief. God loves you, Christ took your failures to the cross before you were ever born, and the Holy Spirit will convict, guide and comfort you. We would not experience love at all if someone had not placed it within us.

That being responsible for such a gift is God almighty and His love is endless and His mercy endureth forever. I agree with looking for the roots of the problem. Coming from a dysfunctional family, I was born into doubt about God, doubting the Bible.

The time came, however, when I had to confront my doubts. Once the spiritual roots coming from the devil have been destroyed, I could sit down and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me concerning the Bible: Is it the truth or not? It took some time, and some hard study, but the results were phenomenal. Not once did the Holy Spirit not answer my questions. You neatly summed up my journey with doubts also.

I would also tell her that doubts are normal and nothing to be terrified of, if we let it push us closer to truth and to God instead of just giving up just because we are confused or hurt. I have often found that I have to sit with a doubt for a long time, examining it closely to seperate out the truth from the lie and my expectations from reality, before If youre dating someone and you get this phone call can move to a place of acceptance and contentment.

We all have doubts at one time or another, and those of us who have been hurt in the past may have more than others because we struggle with negative views of ourselves and how God could really love us. It is so important to consciously identify and work through these instead of of wallowing in them and letting them swallow us whole.

It takes time, effort, and thought. But when you get through them, your faith is stronger for it. Please share my blogs with her — sweetlybrokengirl. Not that I have the answers or anything, but I share honestly about my doubts and fears and self-esteem struggles, even after being a Christian for almost 3 decades.

But I had to face many doubts and fears to get to this point. Tell her to give it time. Facing doubts is just a necessary step on the journey to Truth. I really got a lot from reading this comment and I identify with the way you deal with doubts. Thank you for your comment. I plainly remember when I did get on my knees that night the anxiety lifted off and I felt like I was on top of the world overwhelmed with happiness looking up to the sky praising God thanking him.

Hello, I know this post is old, but I felt like God was calling me to comment. I also struggle with anxiety mostly on the Bible and faith. I once read a quote about people who worry the most about not being good enough are usually better off. Also, the devil uses our insecurities to pull us away from God. The closer you get the harder he tries to pull. Also know that anxiety does not define you, and I believe that it can be used as a gift from God. Yes, I have struggled but I come out in the end being stronger.

When I doubt, I research and I refuse to not believe. I learned only a few months ago that I do, and one form that OCD takes in some people is targeting your faith. This is so true! Thank you for bringing this up. Not sure if you will see this since this post is a few years old. OCD is such a misunderstood diagnosis. Martin Luther likely had it, as well as other famous pastors. God bless everyone, and may the Holy Spirit co time to guide us all closer to God.

It doesn't mean that you're not interested in her. I was relieved to stumble upon your blog. To say the least I hate him for it and shw certainly did better after him so she improved her circumstances but that is neither here nor there. Chels Boo on September 12, at He thirsts for you. I even still continued in Church for another year and a half after that. We had plans to do something one evening and he had to cancel last minute due to scheduling conflict, etc. Blaming the technology just gives people a pass for poor behavior. I feel the same way as you do. My husband and I share passwords for everything. This is not a male thing as much greek dating sites sydney it is a woman thing. I often find myself in crises of faith, fighting depression and sadness. I do not choose to believe in him because I wanted more than anything so why do I not believe in him. BUT, yes, where else to go, nowhere! September 9, at 2: I asked my husband if I could make a facebook page and use a fake name, he reluctantly agreed and I sent some friend requests to people I worked with and family members. And it will always haunt me. Now we are in a big fight and he tells me I am insecure. I think Facebook especially is a menace. Ask for his help. Recently she has told me that she needs to time for herself and that she wants to be selfish and that she would call me when she was ready. The long hours are tough and opening a place is unlike anything else. I showed him how she has him as friend, following, see first, and get notifications who does that? Ask them everything you could possibly think of and then ask them what they wish they knew before they started dating or before they got married. Hey guys, is it too much to expect a wife who doesnt use any social media in this hyper-social-connected world. And geriatric dating website roller coaster ride is a great way to describe it! Hopefully it becomes easier Reply. We both have a Facebook and have access to each other accounts. But the season passed.