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More of that pesky market timing stuffola! In the famous march of the regiment across the Cumberland mountains, in March, , Quartermaster Moses accomplished what had been declared at head-quarters as an impossibility, —the safe transmission of his teams over the treacherous mountain roads of early spring. The series should be required reading, if you ask me. The Guards paraded at NH ceremonial functions from before becoming defunct.

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The Association is formed. Civil war songs were often sung at the annual reunions. Lyrics to these songs were published in the official reunion programs, so veterans who may have forgotten the words could sing along. The most popular songs included: Tenting on the Old Campground Tenting Tonight 2. Battle Cry of Freedom 4.

Marching Through Georgia 5. Columbia The Gem of the Ocean 6. Old Folks at Home Swanee River 7. When Johnny Comes Marching Home. Many of the above links are to the 97th Regimental String Bandhighly recommended for their authentic versions of these songs. Railroad cleared trees, graded a few road ways and built a dancing pavilion Southern end of the grove. Tents housed the members and were set up in camp streets parallel to Lakeside Ave. Larger tents were used to house the Headquarters and Kitchen facilities.

First floor was an open reception area, second floor was a dormitory with partitions. Original colors were straw with dark green and white trim and a green roof. A Simple headquarters building next to the Lowell building serves as the Association Headquarters. The 1st Floor consisted of a large reception area, with the 2nd floor partitioned into sleeping area.

The original color was off-white with dark green trim and had a brown roof. Individual Regiment associations begin to make plans to construct their own buildings on plots allocated to them. The original colors were dark yellow with dark green trim.

Other smaller barracks may have been built to house the veterans. The Headquarters Building had a large meeting room with offices to sides and rear on the 1st floor, a large meeting room with smaller rooms to the rear, and the 3rd floor housed a dormitory and storage.

The original colors were: The porch floor was brown, with the ceiling a light blue, the pillars and brackets were chrome yellow and red, the cresting dark red with old gold. The 7th Regiment had a large reception area on the first floor. The 2nd floor had several sleeping areas and a ladies reception room. The original colors were bright terra cotta with bronze trimmings on the first floor, dark yellow with green trim on the second floor, the gable ends were canary yellow.

The huge Dining Pavilion occupies the area in front and to the right of these structures out to Tower Street. Next to the 16th is a new pavilion and smaller storage building. The 16th Regiment building had a large reception area with three smaller rooms on the first floor.

The second floor had 2 large sleeping areas and two smaller rooms in the front towers. The original colors were bright yellow with greening blue and red trim. The roof was dark slate. The Cavalry building had an open reception area with a nest of three fireplaces on the first floor.

The second and third floors were dormitories. The original colors were two shades of blue trimmed in yellow — cavalry uniform. The roof manchester nh speed dating a light and dark manchester nh speed dating checkerboard pattern.

The 9th and 11th Regiment building had two large reception areas that were separated by folding doors with fireplace on each end of the first floor. The second floor was divided into two section, subdivided into three rooms. The third floor was a dormitory. The gables were painted straw with vermilion trim, the main body of the building was a darker straw. The second floor was divided into three rooms. The building was painted light orange with bright red trim.

The roof was light slate and the basement was brown stone. This group was made up of NH veterans who were not in the individual regiments raised in NH. The building was sometimes referred to as the tramps building.

This seems to be the last of the large buildings constructed. This construction period is sometimes referred to as the High Victorian period. Most of the buildings were very colorful with ornate details. Most featured large open areas on the first floors with fireplaces and water closets. The second and third floors would consist of dormitory style sleep areas which could, in some cases, be broken up into smaller more private areas with partitions.

The 14th Regiment Building, Cavalry Building, Dining Pavilion, and other buildings suffered some damage from the storm. The State made another appropriation to help the Association clean up and repair after the storm. The front buildings were repainted during this time using surplus military paint, hence the various shades of gray, blue gray and off-white.

The 2nd Regiment Building was taken down for public safety reasons. Structural repairs — foundations, roofs, windows, upgraded electrical wiring, plumbing, and grounds work. Cosmetic improvements of painting and landscaping are ongoing. The postcard below dates after no 3rd Regiment building and possibly after no statue. One of the two cannons on the lawn of the NHVA headquarters. Photo taken October 6, Early annual gatherings, known as encampments, were named after individual New Hampshire veterans, all heroes of the Civil War.

Both survivors and the fallen were named. For those individuals who survived the War, to be named was a tremendous honor. Over the years, these ribbons have become very desired collectibles. Blood on August A brief biography of each hero follows. Typically, the encampments were 4 day affairs, beginning on a Tuesday and ending on a Friday during the last week of August.

The portraits of ten of these heroes hang on the first floor of the NH State House. One, Commodore George H. Foster, from Nashua, was a West Point graduate and an engineer. He served in many important battles during the War. After the War, he continued in the Army as an engineer, writing an important book about underwater demolition, perhaps inspired by his work dating site in mexico improvements to Boston harbor at the time.

Foster may have been the only veteran honored by the NHVA whose photo was taken by Brady, the best-known photographer of the 19th century. Bixby served in the Sixth Regiment for nearly the entire duration of the war. He started as an Adjutant on November 30, and finished his service as a Colonel on September 17, During that time he spent two months in a Confederate prison, and three months recovering from severe battle wounds. This latter battle became famous in military history for foreshadowing the trench warfare of World War I.

At the Siege of Petersburg, the trench lines extended for over 30 miles, and ultimately led to the abandonment by General Robert E.

Lee of the Confederate capital at Richmond, manchester nh speed dating. Most importantly, he assisted veterans in their return to civilian life. Corporal in Company G of the 11th Regiment. This Platt should not be confused with the man of the same name who was Captain of Company B of the Fourth Regiment of the Vermont Volunteers, a Congressman from Virginia, and later, a Colorado businessman. However, Farr continued to fight, manchester nh speed dating.

After recuperating, he joined the 11th Regiment, where as Major, he bravely led a charge at Fredericksburg. Farr died while serving NH as a US congressman in Richard Ela 7th reunion: On June 1,he was promoted to Captain.

In a May 30, surprise attack on Front Royal, the Second Batallion succeeds gloriously, but in the pursuit of retreating Confederate forces, Ainsworth dies at the head of his command, pierced by eight enemy balls. Killed on May 27,while leading the charge storming the extensive Confederate earthwork fortifications at Port Hudson. The charge failed miserably. The Guards paraded at NH ceremonial functions from before becoming defunct.

Only half its members survived the Civil War. A West Point graduate, Putnam began his service to the US military inwhen he was assigned to duty on the Western frontier. Inshortly before the War was to begin, Putnam completed a special mission to deliver a secret message to Fort Pickens. His brigade had taken the southeast bastion of the fort when, under heavy fire, Putnam was killed when a bullet blew off the back his head. This battle became famous as the first Civil War battle in which a regiment of African-American soldiers, many of them former slaves, had taken part.

His son, James B. Chandler was an adjutant, and later a Major, of the Ninth Regiment.

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