I guess so she can raise the baby to be another perfect jerk like herself. Hope ure good too.. If I were him, I'll insult her bad enough that she'll never want to see me again on her own accord. Jang-mi lining up a loooong line of beer shots, HAHA. I really don't want to see the fallout of this, especially the relationship between mom and Jang Mi.

He yells at her she comes back to check if he is fine or not.. Aw, they look like a real family. I am going to miss Ki Tae and Jang Mi. Watched eps 7 n 8.

She's manipulative but not as crazy as Se-ah. I might be in the minority here judging from comments but I really feel like the writing has become lazier not just because they no longer bother with subverting cliches or their opening scenes but also because Se-ah and Yeo-reum are two of the most poorly written second leads ever. I mean, do you threaten your fiancee like that? You're gorgeous, successful and rich. He could have tried telling her how much he liked her, but no, marriage without dating ep 10. I've marriage without dating ep 10 a big Yeo-reum fan and not because I think he's all that great, he's clearly very flawed. I somehow like it when JM goes to KT about all the expenses for the wedding gifts. And does he feel like he needs the money to repay KT so he can not be indebted to him, or is it because he still thinks JM is thinking with her wallet instead of her heart? The timing was just too perfect, and the placement of all the players too exact, for it to be coincidence. That scene when Ki-tae's mom broke out laughing I almost peed my pants the whole time she did that. Yup, he was awake. The story is well written so far, it keep you watching. They just hang out together. I just finished watch this drama and i love it. Somewhere during the first snuggle he smirked when Jang Mi mentioned how his mother finally acknowledged her. It seems like the earth moved, the sun stood still and every woman with in a 10 mile radius of that beach stopped and turned their heads towards him. But its a guy. I love ki tae and jang mi. The women are enraptured with glee, while the men are sulking…or appear to be in remorse over losing their freedom! I like it, I like it! I totally agree with you about Yeo-reum. Savannah August 10, at 8: I began to wonder if the presidential position r-v hookup crossword more coveted by the mother than the father. She had her own man Tae Mu to be obsessed with. I couldn't decide if YR was being calculating, or if he was just being spiteful ie, did he hug her because he thought if he soured the MIL it might cause her to gain some distance from KT, or was it just to cause her trouble? Guys, do you know the title of the funny sound when a funny scene comes up? This drama showcases the gap of the old and the conservative tradition to the modern more liberated generation. He'd just withdraw after being hurt twice. I'm not worried about how Ki-tae will react to this, not after seeing all he put into that proposal, I'm just sad it got ruined because it really was the sweetest thing. This drama is definitely top in my list. Some things have become elusive to me. I look forward to episode 3. He gets busy lighting all the candles and finishes right as the doorbell rings. I really don't want to see the fallout of this, especially the relationship between mom and Jang Mi.

Romance, Comedy, Family Episodes: He believes that his life is perfectly planned, and being single is the only option he accept. However, his family is badgering him to marry, and to get them to give up on their efforts, he then comes up with a plan to introduce Joo Jang Mi Han Groowhom he thinks will never be approved by his family…. Son Ji Hyun as woman on blind date ep. Watch Online in Viki. Watch Online in Dramafever.

I guess this is an interesting n nice drama. In olden days, marriage in China was a couple married with no dating. It is through match make lady that match make the couple and only on the wedding day, the bride then know how does her husband look like. And now back to modern days, if, the marriage without love, by getting married will become a suffering. But the drama of this title Also Known as: I think, the drama is pretty interesting, yet confusing when I see the trailer.

The women are enraptured with glee, while the men are sulking…or appear to be in remorse over losing their freedom! I have finished watching episode 1 at Taiwan website and currently this drama does not have English sub-title. After watching episode one, i have realised that Ki Tae does not want to get married and his mother mistaken Jang Mi was the girlfriend of Ki Tae. Something leading to mystery was, Ki Tae was threatened by his mother in certain ways and if, Ki Tae wanted to pretend that he got a girlfriend that was Jang Mi and lied to his mother, he will be facing more challenges ahead.

No marriage can work out smoothly without the truth love. Ki Tae wanted to be a happy bachelorI guess with the beauty and sweet look of Jang Mi, maybe, Ki Tae may change his mind to continue being a bachelor. The problem is, will Ki Tae can fall in love with Jang Mi? Looking forward to watch episode 2, I really wonder will Ki Tae will really fall in love with Jang Mi?

Just finished watching epi 1 with eng sub at gooddrama… first i was reluctant to watch the drama since the lead actor was the seducer of the girl in When the Man Loves… but in this drama he is just lovable and quite handsome and the girl is innocently sweet… surely i will follow this drama. Omo this drama was not on my watch list,just watched it out of curosity.

Its so intersting,han groo so cute,loved her styling so sweet and pretty., marriage without dating ep 10. LOSER i hate him,hope he gets dumped by someone later in the drama. LOL she somehow reminds me of song hye kyo from full house. Now, i am looking forward to watch episode 3 and episode 4. This drama can really make me feel very fresh and happy to look forward on every Friday and Saturday.

In fact, with my character, i really like to watch romance, comedy, family drama. OMG I already hooked to this drama. When I read the sypnosis it looks like very interesting and now after I marriage without dating ep 10 the 2 episode what a freakin funny drama.

Another tvn master piece. As expected tvn is the best in making romance comedy drama. I know is early to say this but, congratulation again tvn and thank you for making this one. Marriage not Dating fighting!!!!! So far I am loving this. One thing about TvN dramas is that being cable, they are not forced to stick to the usual sugar coated tropes so common in KBS and other broadcast dramas — they can be more realistic.

And the grandma is a welcome change from the usual granny portrayed in so many k-dramas. Yep totally agree with all positive comments above. No further comments beside you will know why you must watch it after see the first 2 episode. Looking forward to the rest. Hope it continues to be as good as the first two episodes. Yun woo jin is favilla ukulele dating and han groo is pretty too.

I really enjoyed watching it. This drama is like k-drama comfort food. It has all the elements we love in k-drama sans those we hate. Hope ure good too.

Glad we have a common drama to watch. So agree with you we have everything here. Love this drama;I really enjoyed watching it. This is the BEST drama ever! Its has some scenes that have never, ever been witnessed before in KDramaland which makes it refreshing and so exhilarating to watch again and again.

The 1st two episodes are unforgettable, to say the least. I like everyone selected for the roles in this heightism online dating. I look forward to episode 3. I really like this drama. The actors n actress are also very good. Really like this drama,, the story is awesome drama. Yun woo jin and Han Groo is really match couple. Yun woo jin start tobe a great actors recent months.

Cute drama so far, but not sure if I would want to marry the girl my best friend has been sleeping with at numerous hotels or anywhere for that fact. Sandy 2 — I kind of agree in one sense, but at this point she is being put up to his family as the worst possible choice, he expects her to get totally rejected, marriage without dating ep 10. But to be fair, this is also a subject that would never be brought up on broadcast TV — and is probably more realistic, even though awkward.

I am an instant fan of gun woo jin and han gro, they look good together! Hope to see more of their antics and funny moments. I like dating lesbian sites free mother of gong ki tae, i am guessing she will love the girl more than she will hate her and that I think the story will revolve just my opinion …. I Love this drama. I just watching 2 episode and already falling in love with the story!

All of you must watch it! Han groo is very cute and pretty and acts well too,lol jang mi sure has lots of strength to break the door knob. What would a kdrama be without a drunk halmoni getting rushed to the hospital, only to find out that she just passed out and is asleep. Yeo Reum, a sunshine handsome guy with kind innocent character will be good for Jang Mi instead of Ki Tae. Right now, this drama continues to be interesting as three guys going after Jang Mi. Ha Ha, hope to see that.

Holy friggin fairy godmother, all the handsome Prince Charmings came to the charity ball, and at the end Cinderella dropped her slipper. He meant that and his mother knew it. His mother also heard what teary-eyed Jang Mi said to Ki Tai about him being satisfied with her performance.

The scene when Jang Mi picked up what appeared to be a dried corn husk and started hitting Ki Tai was too funny! I want to give two thumbs up to the writer. Though you know what is supposed to happen by the synopsis and you might think it you have seen this type of drama before, the flow of the plot is really original and unexpected.

Every episodes brings in more emotional depth while being very funny. The attachment of the two seems very natural now. I thought she would get mad and not to anything for him when he yelled at her, instead she calls him a fool and worries about him.

Love this couple a lot,there no ego issues between them. He yells at her she comes back to check if he is fine or not. And is that money in the envelope?? I will be very disappointed!! Ki tae and jang mi couple for me too.

Lol and she thought that he hurt his head. Haha Hope he falls for her first. I mts hookup that this is another good drama from TVN. And will the writers make Jang Mi drink in every each episode? I like this drama! The Jang Mi character is hilarious. The story is well written so far, it keep you watching.

I was wondering if the story is going a bit fast. Scared the writers give us too much now and not enough later. Love the story so far will continue watching. Episode 4 had me laughing so hard. It pays to mind your own bees wax Jang Mi, especially after Ki Tae warned you.

Open Thread Open Thread by mary. Some new feelings are discovered, and some relationships begin to take a turn for the better. From actor to script to picture, just perfect. The most embarrassing thing for anyone is to start stripping for a man in a hotel room and he stops you and walk out due to another woman. I question whether he was really drunk if he was coherent enough to pull her in for hugs twice. I was SO glad to see both Jang-mi and Ki-tae confront their growing feelings for each other. It gotta be fixed. They just hang out together. Han Groo is so beautiful and can act very well! Is it weird that I was actually more heartbroken for Jang-mi's relationship with Ki-tae's mom at the end of this episode, than I was for Jang-mi's relationship with Ki-tae? Guys, do you know the title of the funny sound when a funny scene comes up? I wonder if the drama could fast forward a few years into their union to see how everything worked out for them. LMAO that scene is still vivid in my mind. As long as she doesn't try to mess up with or seduced Gi-tae, it doesn't matter who she ends up with. In spite of this, marriage without dating ep 10, I have found Yeo-reum unexpectedly charming. I have to applaud the writers for having things dovetail so nicely. Han Groo and YWJ have enugu hook up great chemistry and it's wonderful seeing them on each other's side at this point after all the cute bickering that led up to this point. My impression on the lead actor was changed after his horrible character in When a Man Loves, think i like him now. They're already looking like newlyweds! I had butterflies in my stomach as he prepared for the proposal as he went from being irritated at having to blow up all the balloons have you ever heard of a balloon pump? Like Hyun Hee said, nothing can cut the ties between mother and son.